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Peter John Voormeij

Peter John Voormeij, born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

1970 Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, M.A., Fine Arts, painting and printmaking. Studies with Yves Gaucher and Roy Kiyooka
1968 Loyola College, Montreal, Canada
1962 University of Adelaide, South Australia, B.F.A. Summa cum laude in painting
4 year Commonwealth and Educational Scholarship
1st prize for painting, George Rowney Award
1997–07 Instructor painting, Nunavut Arts Festival, Arctic
1996-97 Lecturer, Langara College, Vancouver BC, Canada
1993-96 Instructor, Painting, University of British Columbia, Canada. Arts and Humanities
1991 Instructor, Painting, Arctic College, N.W.T. Canada
1975-88 Lecturer, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
1974-88 Senior Lecturer, Painting, Royal College of Art and Design, the Netherlands
1970 Professor, Lehmann College, City University of New York, USA
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